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How to easily speed up my website:

1. Always use a caching plugin for serving static files, since it will highly improve your initial page build/wait time.

We highly recommend our clients to use WP Rocket, the most powerful caching plugin available.

2. Always host your site as close as possible to your users, it makes no sense to host your site in the US if your users are located outside the US.

Check the physically location of your website here:

You're currently located in: [geoip_detect2 property="" default="(country could not be detected)" lang="en"]

3. Always use a host that supports HTTP/2, you can clearly see the difference here:

Check here if your host supports HTTP/2:

4. Always use a host that supports HTTPS, PHP 7 and MySQL 5.6, as recommended by WordPress here:

5. Always try to use a Content Delivery Network (CDN), one that are fast, powerful and built on a global network.

We highly recommend our clients to use KeyCDN, we will give you $10 in credits if you want to try their excellent service.

6. Always try to enable DNS prefetch for external domain requests to have the DNS resolved so the resource can be retrieved much faster.

7. Always try to disable any unused code and features in WordPress, like the emoji code, avatars, update services, pingbacks and trackbacks.

Finally - always keep in mind that if your website isn’t fast enough it will result in lower sales, brand damage and poor search engine rankings.