Nobody Likes a Slow Website!

Did you know that search engines like Google will penalize your search result rankings if your site is slow or produces a poor experience for your users. Can you really afford that?



You need to boost the speed of your WooCommerce website, to get better rankings on Google, improve your conversions and bring more visitors to your website. Your site needs a valuable investment that pays off easily.

Nearly half of all visitors will leave your site if the pages don’t load within 3 seconds!

That's why improving the speed of your WordPress site should definitely be your number one priority. Because half a second delay in your website speed could cost you or your business hundreds, maybe even thousands, of valuable visitors and potential customers.

Can you really afford not to speed up your website?

Our website speed up service guarantees to improve your speed results plus PageSpeed and YSlow ratings, if we fail to improve your load time you can always get your money back.

You will always have access to detailed speed reports of before and after from Pingdom and GTmetrix, so you can easily compare and follow the improved results.

Speed matters. A lot.


We will speed up your WordPress site with some of the following methods:

Install and/or configure a professional caching plugin
Optimize your themes and plugins to improve performance
Optimize and safely clean up your database
Optimize your hosting environment (if possible)
Check your site for bugs and malicious code
Disable pingbacks, trackbacks and XML-RPC
Disable hotlinking and leeching of your content
Disable unneeded features in WordPress
Limit and/or disable WordPress revisions
Setup and/or configure a Content Delivery Network (CDN)
Provide professional advice on how to improve your site
Plus different custom optimizations based on individual sites

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We also practice these speed recommendations given by PageSpeed and YSlow:

Add Expires headers
Avoid AlphaImageLoader filter
Avoid CSS expressions
Avoid HTTP 404 (Not Found) error
Avoid URL redirects
Configure entity tags (ETags)
Enable Keep-Alive
Enable gzip compression
Leverage browser caching
Make AJAX cacheable
Make favicon small and cacheable
Make fewer HTTP requests
Minify JavaScript and CSS
Reduce DNS lookups
Reduce the number of DOM elements
Remove duplicate JavaScript and CSS
Remove query strings from static resources
Use GET for AJAX requests
Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN)
Use cookie-free domains
Avoid CSS @import
Avoid character set in the meta tag
Avoid bad requests
Combine images using CSS sprites
Defer parsing of JavaScript
Inline small CSS
Inline small JavaScript
Minify HTML
Minimize redirects
Minimize request size
Optimize images
Optimize the order of styles and scripts
Prefer asynchronous resources
Put CSS in the document head
Serve resources from a consistent URL
Serve scaled images
Specify a Vary: Accept-Encoding header
Specify a cache validator
Specify a character set early
Specify image dimensions

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Questions about our speed up service?

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